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The Dead Mile Trailer Contest!

The Dead Mile Trailer Contest- We See The Rise

Summary Of Contest

4 quick ways on how to upload the B-roll footage to your computer:

1.Upload the B-roll footage onto your computer
2.make an edit with the B-roll that is 90 seconds with criteria from the rules and regulations from
3. music can be downloaded from ( ) (Some available songs are in demo format, they will later be edited for better quality). If you create your own music there is a form that must be filled out provided on the website.
4.Post your completed video as a “video response” under the comments section of this video.

Winners will be determined by The Dead Mile judging committee based on likes, views, comments, and quality of video.

Prizes include: Dead Mile swag (skateboards, t-shirts, stickers..), tickets to the premier. Global winner gets their trailer featured in the extras of the dvd.

Dead Mile Fan Trailer Contest-We See The Rise
Music Release Form

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Sad but true.  Happy Monday!!

TheDeadMile.Com Gets A Facelift

The Dead Mile has wrapped production and hundreds of awesome clips are starting to hit the editing room floor. Just a reminder to stay tuned for our awesome fan trailer contest launching VERRY SOON!!!! This being said we have also taken the scissors and glue out and cleaned up our website just for you guys. Please check it out at and let us know what you think!

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Your One Stop Shop For All Things Un-dead

Thanks for visiting the Dead Miles new Tumblr page! This is the place that we will be posting everything and anything to do with our new feature film. Stay tuned for trailers, contests, updates, and behind the scenes updates pertaining to our quest of infecting film festivals around the world. We just recently finished shooting and are in the production phase so be ready for some awesome clips VERY SOON!!!! Stay Tuned…..

-Stay Dead Friends